Look at Emilie. She just wants to squeeze his face until Robert juice comes out 




omg, press play. wait for the beat to drop. 

this is just lovely

This was a pleasant surprise.


i’ve never seen a post with all the stuff the kid was selling at the wedding up close so i thought i might as well screenshot it and put it all together. 

i find it odd though how all the stuff as R & F, even though they say eugene at the ceremony and he clearly goes by that now, weird

New stills from Once Upon a Time season 4 featuring Kristoff, Elsa, and Sven. 

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I still can’t believe they cast Cappie! This is so exciting! 

A message from Anonymous
if your brother hated u and tried to MURDER TWO PEOPLE and take over a kingdom you were on friendly terms with, i'm pretty sure you wouldn't want him home.

1. I don’t think Han necessarily hated his brothers. He was just mad at he was 12th in line. 

2. I do not condone any of Han’s actions. 

3. I honestly think in most kingdoms, if the royal family found out that their brother tried to murder two people and take over a neighboring kingdom, I believe they would make it go away to avoid scandal and public outcry. I don’t think it would look good to have a member of the royal family in jail.  

4. I’m mostly saying this as an argument that I don’t think Anna and Elsa should have allowed him to go home under the agreement, that his brothers would “take care of him”. For all they know, the brothers could be just as evil and tell him “Aw you didn’t take over Arendale, here’s some chicken soup. Tomorrow we’ll send you to this other kingdom, I heard the princess likes painting and her husband is a known crook. Use that to split them up, marry her, and take over the kingdom. Mwahaha” 


Aunt Cass in Big Hero 6 trailers

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Look how fluid her motion is. And just… her. Ugh. I love her so much. SOOOO MUCH

I don’t want to be that person especially after the whole “Anna looks just like Rapunzel bit” but the mom looks like an older version of Rapunzel, its mostly the hair and the fact that she moves a piece behind her ear and it remind me of when Rapunzel did that….ok I’m done 

Whenever I’m working out at the gym and guys are looking at me, half the time I think they’re checking me out and the other half I think they’re mentally scolding me for not being as in shape as them. 

How do I tell the difference?

Emma Swan Appreciation Week: day five - favorite episode

3.22 There’s No Place Like Home


Funniest proposal.

There’s a talking trash can at Disney?